Episode 005 - Seek Outside Shelters with Kevin Timm

On this episode of The By Land Podcast, I chat with Kevin Timm, owner and founder of Seek Outside.  Seek Outside makes backpacks, ultralight wood burning stoves, and my favorite...Ultralight Tipis!  These shelters are also known as "floorless" tents.  Kevin helped me decide on tent of my own a few years back and I've been hooked on the floorless idea ever since.  It's a simple and roomy way to live in the backcountry!

We cover a few different topics.  

  • Who is Seek Outside and what do they offer?
  • What is an ultralight tipi?
  • Pros and Cons to going floorless
  • How to solve the "cons" to going floorless
  • Emory's first experience out with the Seek Outside Redcliff
  • PCT topics
  • Kevin's favorite piece of advice to new backpackers.


I think you'll really enjoy this episode with Kevin.  It's interesting to hear his perspective from a designers view and how he came to do what he does.  Seek Outside builds solid shelters and I myself have a couple of them already.  They're simple to pitch and incredibly roomy.  

Enjoy this episode of The By Land Podcast!  



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