Welcome to Better Backpacking

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to help you get into backpacking.  If you're an old pro, I'm even more excited to hear from you and the techniques you've learned throughout the years.  For those new to the hobby, I want to tell you that I built this site with you in mind.  I've spent time out there learning things the hard way and my hope is that you can learn from my mistakes.

The number one thing I want you to do is enjoy yourself.  Backpacking doesn't have to be that overcomplicated task, in fact, it's actually very simple.  It's the most simple way you can live and in doing so, it frees up headspace so you can focus on nature, your own internal thoughts, and the people you're with.  

Backpacking is an incredible way to connect with friends and family.  Sharing a sunset together or a swim in a lake that no one else can get to will be remembered for years to come.  As you continue to grow and progress in backpacking, the places you'll go will be unforgettable.  You'll push yourself and love every moment of it.

Welcome to the incredible world of backpacking!