Types of Backpacking

You probably have this idea of an epic backpacking adventure and will settle for nothing less.  That's great!  Just don't count everything out just yet.  I've come to love all kinds of backpacking, be it a quick overnighter or a 5 month long trek along the Pacific Crest Trail.  


When I first got into backpacking, I thought I wasn't a backpacker unless I was traveling a dozen or more miles in a single trip, but that's totally not true.  Everyone has their own preferences, time limitations, and reasons for being out there.  I encourage you to go after what you think you might want to do, try it, and then try another kind to see what you like best.


If you want to get there to take pictures or video wildlife, then you might consider shortening your trips to 1-3 days.  If, on the other hand, you want to cover miles and see mountains come and go in a matter of days, then try a 5-10 day trip.  Either way, you're going to have a great time and there will be pros and cons to both approaches.  


Through trying different types of backpacking, you'll come to learn varying techniques.  Before I hiked the PCT, I never spent more than 4 nights out in the mountains.  It was great, but I never learned the techniques of a Thru Hiker.  Now that I have a long trail under my belt, I have applied what I learned from my Thru Hike to my regular hunting and backpacking trips.  The result is a great balance of efficiency and comfort.


Explore different styles of backpacking.  You'll be better for it!