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Kuiu Alpine Pant

The Kuiu Alpine Pant has become one of my favorite pieces of gear to date simply because of the fit, form, and function they provide.  I've been thinking about how to discuss these pants in a way that will convey the right message so I have decided I'm going to keep it short and sweet, tell you about the features I like, and show you images that others may not show in their reviews.  If you want to know the technical specs, I suggest heading over to to learn about them.  This review will simply cover the features I like and why I like them.

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Rain Gear - KUIU YUKON

I accepted for a number of years that come hunting season, I was going to have to deal with being wet and cold because there was nothing out there that was durable enough to stand up to the Pacific Northwest rain showers.  All that changed when I found the Kuiu Yukon rain gear.  Never again will I be turned away from hunting because of a downpour.

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