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Exo Mountain Gear 2000 Daypack Review

I finally had a chance to put the new Exo Mountain Gear Daypack to work for a weekend scouting trip and was pleasantly surprised at how much gear I was able to fit inside.  It may be deemed a "daypack," but it's so much more than that when you start adding in all of the available space that's not accounted for.  It's a perfect size for the backcountry hunter who may need to spend a night or two out in the field without having too large or too small of a pack.

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33 Miles with My Exo Mountain Gear 3500

Hiking 33 miles with any pack will quickly bring out the gear skeletons hiking in the closet.  Sure, most packs feel pretty good at first, but what about on the second long day of a hike?  How about on the third day?  Does the pack still ride the same?  Do your hips feel like someone took a bat to them?  All these questions I'd find answers to and more when I hiked the Loowit Trail with the Exo Mountain Gear 3500.

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Exo Mountain Gear - 3500

Reviewing a backpack is a daunting task because of how complicated it can be.  There are as many packs out there as there are body types and each one serves its own specific purpose.  Some are built for ultra light hiking while others for heavy load hauling.  Some are meant for a lifetime of abuse while others will last but a few years.  If you ask my close friends, they'd tell you that I have a minor obsession with backpacks of any kind and what my obsession has taught be over the years is that unlike the Lord of the Rings, there is not one backpack to rule them all.  With that in mind, though daunting as it may be, I’m so pleased with my Exo Mountain Gear 3500 that I can't help but tell of how great it is.

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