Kuiu Teton Insulated Jacket - Part 1

I don't like writing a review on a piece of gear until I've had a chance to actually use it, however I recently purchased the Kuiu Teton Insulated Jacket and can't help but write at least something about it.  We'll call this my "initial impression" of the jacket so don't get your hopes too high when it comes to how the jacket performs; I just haven't had the opportunity to use it.  

All that aside, consider this more of a photo essay than anything else.  In my search for gear, I'm always looking for photos of items I'm interested in and am rarely satisfied with what I find.  Hopefully those of you doing your own research on this item from Kuiu will find these photos helpful.

Why I Bought It

Kuiu was having a sale recently and I'm always looking to add useful items to my kit.  I was hesitant to purchase the Teton line because it's not made with premier fabrics, but when I learned that it uses the same insulation as some of their other top shelf items, I figured that might be a good enough reason to give it a go.  Also, the Teton line from Kuiu is incredibly well priced and I think there are a few of you out there wondering if there is a downside to the lower price.  I'll find out eventually, but for now, the Insulated Jacket seems to be pretty great.


The Jacket is simple in design.  Two hand pockets on the outside, an athletic cut, and really REALLY soft to the touch.  I was actually shocked at how quiet it was when I pulled it out of the packaging.  The fabric is two-way stretch vs. four-way.  Horizontal is where it counts which is how this jacket is designed.  It's a no frills-everything you need-nothing you don't insulation piece that I'm stoked to put to use.  When I do, you'll be the first to know.

Enjoy these photos!

The fabric the Kuiu Teton Insulated Jacket is made of is soft.  I mean really soft, and it's not noisy at all.  I was pleasantly surprised.

I hate zippers that suck and these don't seem to be an issue.  They're small and quiet and from what I can tell so far, won't catch on anything.

Two front pockets.

The back of the jacket is cut low so you don't get the cool breeze shooting up your back when you bend over.

The back of the jacket is cut low so you don't get the cool breeze shooting up your back when you bend over.

No seams on the inside that will fray.

I like to know what the inside looks and feels like.  On the Insulated Jacket, it's like you're in a sleeping bag!

Two interior pockets for stowing a set of gloves or other small items.  Not sure I'll use these but they're nice to have.

If Kuiu had a size small, I would have preferred it over the medium.  I'm 5'8'' and 155lbs so I'm not in need of a bulky jacket.  If I were about 10lbs heavier the fit would be perfect but it's good enough I suppose.  Wide at the top for big shoulders and tapered for an athletic fit.