Backpacking Gear Lists!

Listed below are links to a number of gear lists that I’ve put together. They represent straight forward suggestions on complete kits and general gear that I personally recommend. I’ve spent a lot of time sorting through all the gear out there so you can cut right to the chase. Some of this gear can be purchased at your local outdoor store, however others cannot. I’ve personally used nearly all of this gear and if I haven’t, I’ve researched and spoken to those who have who recommend these items as well.

From beginner backpacking, to ultralight adventures, and photography, it’s all here for you to sort through and decide if any of it will work for you as well.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Some of the items listed below have links to Amazon. By Land participates in the Amazon Associates program where we’ll earn a commission on qualifying purchases from these links at no extra cost to you.

Gear List.png

Beginner Backpacking Gear

This ultimate backpacking packing list is for those who are looking to get started and want to ensure they’re comfortable from start to finish. For backpacking trips lasting anywhere from 1-3 nights in the backcountry, this suggested packing list will serve you well and not cause any frustrations along the way.

All *ESSENTIAL items are listed as such meaning they are required for a safe trip.

Photo Gear.png

My Photography Gear

This is the gear I take with me and believe in after many trips to the backcountry. Just like gear, cameras are a personal choice and I’ve found Olympus to be a great fit for adventures. Rugged, quality, and purpose built.


Trusted Shelters

Here’s a list of all the shelters I currently know and trust.