Cook System Buying Guide


Choosing a cooking system is different for everyone based on their specific needs and preferences.  If you want the lightest option possible, you're going to sacrifice a reduced boil time.  If, on the other hand, you want the fastest boil time you can get, it'll weigh a bit more, but you'll have boiling water in no time.

Some backpackers prefer to have a teeny tiny cook set, some prefer to actually cook food (which means you need a simmer option, while others like me, just like to boil water for rehydrating meals.  

There's no right or wrong way to go about it.  It's just a matter of what you're looking for in a cook system.  Do you want to use various pots?  Do you want wind protection?  Do you want to have the ability to boil snow?  Do you only care about boiling water?  


MSR Reactor

Instead of an open flame, this uses a sort of burner that is protected from the wind. You can swap cook pots and boil snow. The Reactor series boils water fast!

jetboil flash.png

Jetboil Flash

The Flash has an integrated lighter, is incredibly efficient with fuel, and boils very fast. It has an open flame that is somewhat protected from wind, but not fully. Due to the design of the system, Jetboil advises NOT to melt snow in the pot or it will damage the system


Snow Peak Lite Max

This little guy is about as light as they come and sounds like fighter jet when it's ignited. If you're counting ounces, this burner will serve you well, but you'll need to pair it with a cook pot of your choosing.

Expect boil times to increase with an open flame and a decrease in fuel efficiency, but it won't take up much space and those save ounces will make an impact.


Trek 700 Titanium Pot

Pair this cook pot with the Lite Max stove and you have a nice and compact cook system. This pot is a nice oversized coffee cup as well for when you need a big cup of coffee in the morning.

Titanium heats up and cools down fast.

Sea To Summit Spoon (long)

At some point or another you're going to eat a meal out of a bag. When that happens you'll want a long spoon.

Trust me when I say this spoon will make your life easier.