Buying Guide


Footwear is important, but not everyone has the same foot so it's up to you to ensure you're in the correct shoe.  For general backpacking, thru hiking, and on trail hiking, consider using a trail runner that is NOT waterproof.

The more breathable your shoe is, the less risk your foot has of forming blisters due to trapping moisture.

For backpacks weighing less than 50 lbs, you really don't need the ankle support of a boot unless you have an issue with rolling.  Trail shoes are light, comfortable, require minimal break-in, and promote building up strong feet.  

Altra Lone Peak.png

Altra Lone Peak

Most long distance hikers are using Altra for good reason. They promote a natural foot strike because they are zero drop from heel to toe. They also have a "foot shaped toe box" that means your toes won't be crammed together. They're king on the long trails and anyone who's ever hiked in them swear they'll never hike in anything else