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3 Reasons You Should Consider Quitting Camouflage


I'm quitting camouflage and for good reason.  It won't be an overnight change, but rather a slow and steady reduction of new purchases emblazoned with the newest and most fancy patterns on the market.  I've boiled this decision down into 3 main reasons covering areas of cost, marketing, and options.  There's also a bonus round I've tossed in at the end that helps explain how deer vision works.   



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Making the Switch to Traditional Archery

I didn't know it at the time, but I wasn't getting what I needed out of shooting a compound bow.  No matter how much I would shoot, nothing seemed to excite me about it until I got it in my head that maybe I needed to change it up and try a traditional bow.  Just a handful of arrows later and I was hooked.  

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