Loowit Trail 2018 - Failed Attempt!

I've begun a bit of a small tradition around the Memorial Day weekend where I hike roughly 30 miles around Mount St. Helens here in Washington State.  It's an incredible trail, but it's not for the faint of heart.  

The first year I hiked the trail, I wanted to quit backpacking altogether.  I didn't feed my body, didn't hike smart, and attempted to hike the trail in 2 days having no real idea of what that meant.  Let's just say I learned my lesson....  Oh, and to boot, it was cloudy the entire time so I never saw the mountain but one time.

Year two was better.  Three days, two nights, and things went much MUCH better.  It was hot and sunny the entire time.  For the most part all went well and I finally was able to see the mountain!  

This year...well....  we had to bail due to snow.  I was hiking with a few friends and after having gone about 6 miles at lunch time crossing snow field after snow field, post holing chest deep, and realizing that this probably wasn't the best idea to continue to hike across washouts and rough terrain, we called it quits.  

Sometimes trails just don't work out the way we want them too and that's okay.  Backpacking is about making good decisions and knowing when to stop while you're ahead.  My fear on this trip was the danger that melting snow posed to my group.  We were there to have fun, not fall or twist any knees or ankles.  

Here's the best part...the trail is STILL there and will be there once the snow melts.  Also...I made the video posted above and at the link below.  It was my first time attempting to document my journey so I hope you enjoy it!



Be safe out there and made good decisions,


By Land,

Emory Ronald.