Do You Trust Your Gear?

It's official, the weather in my region of the Pacific Northwest has arrived.  The 31st of October marked the last day of the General Hunting Season for Blacktailed Deer and the beginning of a huge rain storm.  Given it was the last day of the season and I had yet to fill my tag, I headed out early in the morning to a spot way up in the mountain to see what I could find.  As luck would have it, the only thing I found was a legitimate raincloud and 30mph winds.  

So what made me decide to hike into my spot in the rain and wind?  The trust I have in my rain gear, that's what.  If you've read my post on the KUIU Yukon series of rainwear, you'd know that it's worth its weight in gold.  In the few hours that I was on that windswept ridge, I saw all the PNW could throw at me.  I put my Yukon through the paces and it once again held up as it always had.  

If you haven't yet invested into quality rain gear, you're not doing yourself any favors.  Head over to my post on the KUIU Yukon rain gear to see what you're missing out on.

So I ask you this one question; do you trust the gear you take with you into the backcountry?  Do you trust in it unconditionally?  Does it make your list of "must haves?"  If not, then it should.

Be safe out there and enjoy!


By Land,

Emory Ronald