The Pacific Crest Trail 


I've decided to take some time off work to hike the Pacific Crest Trial in its entirety from Mexico to Canada.  I'll be doing this with the support of a Veteran Non-Profit Organization called Warrior Hike who's mission is to help transition Veterans from the military to civilian life.  I will be hiking alongside fellow Veterans who have also been selected for the program in hopes that we'll all reach the Canadian border sometime in September.

This is going to be a grand adventure and I hope you'll follow along as I make my way up the trail.  I'll be posting to this blog as regularly as I can and covering a variety of topics such as gear, technique, PTSD, and what it's like to hike over 2600 miles in one season.  

Feel free to shoot me emails or leave comments on my posts and I'll respond as I cell coverage allows.  Thanks for following!

By Land,

Emory Ronald