Trekking Poles

  • Leki Corklite 

    • Trekking poles are a Godsend.  If you're hauling any sort of load, traveling up a trail, down hills or up hills, treking poles can make your life so much easier and reduce risk of injury to joints.  When powering up hill, you can use your arms as well as your legs to increase efficiency.  Going downhill, your knees will thank you.  There's also a number of tents out there that allow you to use your trekking pole in the structure of your tent which reduces the need to use a tent pole and also reduces overall weight.


  • Sea to Summit 

    • Bottom line, sleep is important.  If you have trouble sleeping in the backcountry, give this pillow a try.  I did, and I'll never again go without.


  • Adventure medical kits - Bath wipes

    • By far the best wipes I've ever used.  I've gone through a number of different brands, but these are pure gold.  You can literally bath yourself with one wipe and they won't leave a weird film on your skin.


Organization Bags

  • Kuiu Dry Zip Bag

    • These organizational baggies are amazing.  They're pretty much waterproof and so helpful to have.

  • Colgate Wisp brushes

    • I hate bringing a toothbrush with me into the backcountry because it's just plan messy.  A friend of mine showed me these and I've never gone back.  You can go a few days without a deep clean and these you can just clean your teeth with while hiking.